Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Musical Obsessions

So, on a lark, I started playing my entire iTunes library at work beginning with the most played song on down. With just over 4400 songs in my library, and only playing during business hours, it's been well over a month since I started and today I reached the 3's, meaning the songs that have only ever been played 3 times.
So, looking at my Top 25 Most Played, I find that 9 of them are anime related, including all top 5 slots. Here they are in order with commentary:

1. Toki ni Ai wa - Okui Masami Play Count: 583 This is the song that's playing when Anthy and Utena are dancing in the Utena Movie. I had this song at least a couple of months before iTunes had the play count feature, so that number doesn't include the times when I would be on the train writing and looping this song over and over, so I figure I can add about 100-150 plays more. Thinking back, I can probably safely say that this is probably my favorite song ever, just based on play count. I don't think I listened to any of the songs I had on CD, cassette or vinyl nearly as much as I have since the advent of .mp3.

2. Yasashii Yoake - See Saw Play Count: 515 This is the full version of the .hack//SIGN ED written by Kajiura Yuki. This song affected me in a least two ways: I was moved emotionally by the sheer beauty and melancholy of the music and devastated that my talent falls well short of this level.

3. Inner Universe - Origa Play Count: 447 This is also the full version of the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex OP written by Kanno Yoko. I'm not religious at all, but Origa's voice is, for me, proof of the existence of God. I could listen to her sing all day, and after I got most of her albums, I have, actually. The song gets bonus points for being in 3 different languages: Russian, English, and Latin.

4: Rinbu Revolution - Okui Masami Play Count: 435 Again another full version of an OP, this time from the Utena series. I like the arrangement and drum sequencing a lot, and it's catchy and driving, and sax solo is underrated. Very cool.

5. Duvet - boa Play Count: 421 The full version of the OP from Serial Experiments Lain. Beautifully sung, and there's part in the second chorus where the bass does a ascending run in octaves. It's one of my favorite techniques when I'm improvising on the bass, so I always like hearing it. NOTE: This is the English band boa, not the JPop star BoA. Confused me at first too.

6. Running Away - Hoobastank Play Count: 408 The first non-anime related song on the list. This is by far their best song period, the key is the layers of background vocals in the chorus. Reminds me of Queen, Boston and Kansas. I saw them play "The Reason" live once on MTV and they definitely seem to be a better studio band.

7. Get Me Off - Basement Jaxx Play count: 311 Naughty, naughty song that gets me pumped up for a night out.

8. Say It Ain't So - Weezer Play Count: 228 The only Weezer song I like.

9. Asu e no BRILLIANT ROAD - angela Play Count: 213 OP for Stellvia, the full version. This is another song that made me wish I had written it. atsuko's voice is also awesome.

10. Erotic & Heretic - Ali Project Play Count 213 Ali Project did the OP for Noir, Rozen Maiden/RM Traumend, and Marimite Haru, but this song off the album of the same name really rocks. Goth Loli FTW!

11. Super Bon Bon (Propellerheads Mezzanine Mix) - Soul Coughing/Propellerheads Play Count 188 Soul Coughing was one of those indie street cred bands back in the day, and I was just a casual fan at the time. But this remix is brilliant, as is nearly all of the Propellerheads stuff. From the beat, and the bass line, to the scratching: genius.

12: Poem - Taproot Play Count 156. The only Taproot song I have. The vocal harmonies and the chord progression in the chorus totally make this song.

13. Daichi no la-li-la - Ueno Yoko & Ito Masumi (Oranges & Lemons) Play Count 155 Full version of the Scrapped Princess ED. I LOVE the harmonies between the girls, especially how the counterpoint is often lower than the melody, good stuff. Also, the fretless bass growl kills, and reminds me every time I hear it that I need to buy one sooner rather than later.

14: A New Level - Pantera Play Count 142 I'm surprised that this particular Pantera song placed this high, I had thought that This Love (83), Hollow (73), Fucking Hostile (56) Shedding Skin (60) or I'll Cast A Shadow (54) would have placed higher, since I like those songs better. Hmm, curious.

15: Addicted to Chaos - Megadeth Play Count 137. I've often wondered what might have been if Lars, James and Dave could worked together. Metallica had all the complex rhythms and riffs, but Megadeth had the pretty melodies and harmonies. This song is the pinnacle of that.

16. Blood of Heroes - Megadeth Play Count 135.

17. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) - Metallica Play Count 134 Again, curious. I like Master of Puppets (56), Fade to Black (55) and One (53) much better. (Otaku moment: I've always thought that someone should do an AMV to ...And Justice For All featuring Athrun)

18. Stinkfist - Tool Play Count 131 I love Tool. They're like the modern equivalent of progressive bands like Rush, Yes and Peter Gabriel era Genesis, though I'm probably the only one who thinks so.

19. Unforgiven - Metallica Play count 130

20. Chop Suey - System of a Down Play Count 123 I also really like System of a Down, though Mesmerize is clearly their best work to date. They blend harmony, melody, rhythms and time signatures like nobody else since the 70's. And they don't suck live.

21. Read or Die no Teema - Iwasaki Taku Play Count 116 Full version of the Read or Die OVA OP, this song totally outdoes the James Bond theme song. Everytime I hear it I'm ready to kick ass.

22. Children (Dream Version) - Paul Van Dyk Play Count 115. The first Trance anthem in the list, one among many. Trance is fun.

23. Jungle Love - Morris Day and the Time Play Count 109. Another surprise, I didn't think this played that many times and it beat out all the Prince songs I have. Has we learned nothing from Purple Rain? ;)

24. Aerials - System of a Down Play Count 108.

25. Superstition - Stevie Wonder Play Count 103. Again, surprised this ranked so high, but not at all displeased. Stevie R0XX0R.

So there you have it. As a side note, iTunes lets you share your collection with other iTunes clients over a local network, and you can name your collection, mine is "Eclectic at Best" and I think that just sums it up best. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.


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