Monday, January 09, 2006


So, ANN reports today that they've confirmed that Tokyopop has the license to the Crest/Banner of the Stars Novels. This makes me happy. I started watching this series on Anime Unleashed on what used to be TechTV, and watched the sequels Banner of the Stars I and II and the new Banner of the Stars III OVA that was released last year. And I really like this series, again it's the characters for me, there a lot of good developed characters. Lafiel is no bitch and Jinto is hers and I like watching their interaction. I also like Admiral Spoor, she's cool and unorthodox and I would gladly follow her to hell and back. ;)
I also like that Hiroyuki Morioka went to trouble of creating a language for his race, the Abh, which invites some superficial comparisons to Tolkien. I always thought that these series were too short, there was a lot of material that was left unexplored, and frankly I couldn't get enough of the characters or the world. So I'm glad that we'll be getting the original novels, since that should assuage my Lafiel/Jinto/Spoor jones.

Now, if only Viz or somebody would license the Marimite novels. (I say Viz, since Viz is partly owned by Shueisha who publishes the Marimite novels in Japan.) Here's hoping.


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