Sunday, January 15, 2006

Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl

While not as hyped as Fate/Stay Night this is another series with some buzz, though I'm sure the buzz is greatest amongst yuri fans. There was some anticipation on the Yuricon and Yuri MLs notably. Again, check the anime blog aggregators for screencaps, and commentary, and Damn The Torpedoes! FULL SPOILERS AHEAD!

Erica has done out of order reviews on the first 3 volumes of the Kashimashi manga, which is the basis for this series, here, here, and here. I'm up to the middle of Volume 2 of the scanlation, (you can find it on your own, I know you can) and it's one of the rare occasions I get to compare the anime to the manga.
I'm going to make this short, because I have another long MO post calling me, but overall it's pretty much like the manga, silly, but sweet. Guaranteed not to spoil your appetite. I spent the whole episode wondering why Kana Ueda didn't use her boy voice, until the end when she reverted to her girl voice for Girl Hazumu and I realized that was her boy voice. So, it's no wonder Hazumu was turned into a girl, clearly the aliens were just correcting the mistake Nature made. Also, all of the horrible English dub actors that used to dub anime have apparently moved to Japan to get jobs as token Americans in Japanese productions.
My only concerns are about the ending of the anime, since the manga is nowhere near complete, and whether or not Hazumu will turn back into a guy. Erica seems to think that is the most likely possibility, and I have to agree, (and not just because I'm her minion, though that is one of the reasons why I am one ;) but I hope they don't. Changing Hazumu back into a guy would be the equivalent of a reset ending, completely invalidating all the development that happened in the entire series to date, and that would probably ruin this series.
I guess we'll see in a couple of months.


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